Delaying and slightly changing your buttons and timing can throw off the other ram and can lead to whiff punishes. Faust - 5.4. Has the shortest total duration of any of Sol's grounded normals and also hits crouching opponents, making it useful for stuffing slower pokes when approaching at closer ranges. Guess like your life depends on it. The last letters of a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (and what some people hope to recieve from #11 Down. Toggle search. Ya I was watching SQ (top ram player) stream and someone asked her about Ram vs. Pot and she jokingly said "Potemkin wins 100-0" then was like "realistically it's probably close but comes down to the players and match up knowledge". sweep that can slip under many attacks. Learn all about Sol from Guilty Gear -Strive-; Their stories, goals, utility, and star players right here on DashFight! When a character's hurtbox is entirely beneath an opponent's attack. Sol's command throw. Standard strike throw stuff needs to be thought of here. [[GGST/ May|Overview]] | [[GGST/ May/Frame_Data|Frame data]] | [[GGST/ May/Matchups|Matchups]] | [[GGST/ May/Strategy#|Strategy]] Return to Top, Frame Data Counterstrategy Reverse Matchup [1]. I love him so much. This can be combined with dash momentum to cover large distances extremely quickly. Search Results - Showing 0 - 34 Of 129. Luckily for you, Ram has an annoying combo and great ways to get in. Maybe it's cause of May's fast jump arc? Did you mean? Browse our network 9 . Unfortunately, it is often beaten out by deeper jump-ins, in which case it's better to use 6P due to its upper body invincibility. However, Testament can get positive bonus easier in theory due to high conversion ability due to stain state and, Testament has two strong ways to stop Ram from jumping out of the corner with. Yo, I did the same:, I have slightly different data, but this could be tipping errors. For Example: 2369 for a j.236 input. "Guilty Gear -Strive-" es la ltima entrada de la aclamada franquicia de juegos de lucha de Guilty Gear. Combos into 6S against crouching opponents for both better damage and a knockdown. Her j.S can be a pain to deal with due to how it goes at a unconventional angle and due to Ram's 6P being more horizontal than vertical, it can be hard to AA. Sol Badguy is the protagonist of the Guilty Gear series and Ky Kiske's rival. The high knockback of the follow-up provides strong corner carry and leads into meaty f.S anywhere, though it gives much poorer okizeme mid-screen. He's also armed with powerful mid-ranged tools such as 6S, a sizeable poke, and Gun Flame, a mid-ranged projectile that is plus on block if it hits meaty or at max range. Second hit can Clean Hit at close range. Baiken is very nimble and annoying to deal with in the neutral. It always felt like he had the tools for every match up except nago. Concerns: 12,000 matches is a fuck-tonne and took way too long, but it's actually a super tiny number. 2S is also still useful. Due to it being a projectile, you can't do anything about it. Sometimes you can CH the delay as she's right in front of you or you may both may trade. Toggle menu. On hit, you can Red Roman Cancel to perform a follow-up combo, and not shifting the Roman Cancel or shifting it upward will allow you to dash underneath the opponent and switch sides again. Blazing! Your neutral is better than his but like other MUs, it's a tough ride when he finally gets in with backturn. Leo likes to have meter in neutral so when he lands a stray hit, he can get a full conversion to get into a wall break for positive bonus. - Difference between the tier scores from today and . Proper conditioning is a huge part of Sols gameplan. It is integral to watch for Chaos' bullet amount and concentration, as they are extremely important to his gameplan. Baiken has the ability to Hiiragi during your rekka pressure, although this is risky for the Baiken to do and she'll just blow up into a thousand pieces if you delay the rekka. Thanks to her high movement speed and large buttons, Ram is generally difficult to zone. At long range, you can use Banjoneto to hit Chaos. If Baiken does somehow get in, she can win in a small amount of interactions which she can loop with mix. Night Raid Vortex is also evasive, though it is more committal and aggressive in nature. It's also good to note that Baiken players are extremely abnormal humans and will find zero issue with using gun super as a full screen whiff punish in a last hit scenario. Wall Damage when hit raw is increased to 700 (900). In the corner or on Counter Hit against an airborne opponent, following up 6P with the first hit of Bandit Revolver can link into 5K for a full combo. This is interesting but definitely but for some chars like Axl are a gigantic knowledge test as opposed to a horrendous MU. Since Hiiragi can punish a lot of her blockstrings, threaten it and force them to structure their offense differently. Sol Badguy's Guilty Gear Strive tier match ups. Only 100 matches per match-up. Links into 5K on normal hit, while on Counter Hit it links into itself, Night Raid Vortex or a Tiger KneeAn input method to perform a special move in the air as fast as possible after you leave the ground. Millia's mobility lets her keep Ramlethal honest in neutral. His pressure can be challenged easier but it can end up being much more rewarding for Gold if he gets a counter hit. Baiken threatens her own offense heavily with HiiragiGuard:Startup:1Recovery:32Advantage:, meaning blockstrings that normally go unpunished such as 2D-Tatami Gaeshi and c.s-2H are now vulnerable to parry. This is especially true for multi-hit projectiles, as they keep Sol pushed away for longer. His, Faust is a whiff punish fiend so he likes to walk back and use his long buttons in order to try and get these opportunities. Thus, if a Roman Cancel is available to make it safe, avoid only using it after the second hit. Properties for opponent on block follow Level 4 rules. Worst Match. This can be caused by crouching, certain moves, and being short. Win rate. His pokes are good on block but have enough recovery that one whiff is usually enough to close the gap. Somewhat slow start-up for an anti-air but has high vertical range (quite a bit higher than 5K). Essentially, by running the matchup data through the code that he wrote, you can get a projection of how much each character should be expected to be played in that game's meta. At max range, Pot can play at the mid range effectively due to his big buttons like f.S and 5H. Streaming Sunday 12:30 AM ET - Join to fight me!This is a tier list video based on Jack-O's matchups in Guilty Gear Strive If you enjoyed this video please m. Throws list the amount of Frame Advantage upon successfully throwing the opponent. Used to call out opponents who make predictable jump-ins or keep chicken blocking. If you land 6S on the first active frame, the remaining duration is the same whether you cancel into Gun Flame (Feint) or not, so doing so allows you to build more Tension and pull your hurtbox back, rendering the move more difficult to punish in neutral. If you're concerned about which BTs do what frame data wise, you can check out, Though Ram has really good, rewarding buttons, good lows, good antiairs, and strong reward all around, with pressure that can be very difficult to beat for I-No, Ram can't cover hoverdash, The Ram player should not give the Jack-O space to summon minions with, Pay attention to Jack-O's minion Gauge, it limits what she can do, Ram can always special cancel or gatling after clearing a minion, Don't let the Jack-O player throw a minion behind you, you can't clear it if it is, run or jump at her after, When FDing Jack-O, FD her normals, not her minions to space her out. While Ram has pressure that cranks your risc with forced chip damage, Gold also has this. Low profile sweep that beats or evades moves that don't cover the ground while being safe on block. Closer to the corner, it's possible to simply link one wall bounce into another if the opponent is positioned correctly. More than other characters at least. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Arc System Works or any other developers whose games are featured on this site. Anji does have a projectile in Shitsu, but sending it out in neutral can be nullified by Tatami Gaeshi before Anji can act again. Alternatively, you can perform an OTG with low-reaching special cancelable normals such as 2S and cancel into Gun Flame to maintain pressure, or OTG with 6H to maximize damage. Sol has some of the strongest defensive tools in the game. Agree or Disagree, but these are my thoughts rig. 8.5K 30.5K 2.7K . Creado por Daisuke Ishiwatari y desarrollado por Arc System . Popularity. Sol does an uppercut with his sword's hilt. You should only ever really use air dash in the MU on reaction when you see a whiff. Search. It's not reliable to try going for these though. Nago starts to out range even your normals once he starts getting into higher blood levels. This is for Floors 10 and Celestial.I wanted to focus on Celestial, but there were not enough players to measure certain match-ups fairly, so I had to expand it to include Floor 10. Zato players like to sneak in his command throw but learn to recognize the situations they do it and be ready to beat him up for 90%. Use this to break the wall if Fafnir won't combo in time and the opponent is at ground level. Using the data that OP collected, I attempted to put it through a "metagame analysis" that Alex Jaffe went over in his GDC talk from 2015, as seen in the following video. Mine's Chipp, high level Chipp players are a menace and they always troll me feelsbadman The game was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows in June 2021, and for Japanese arcades in July 2021. It loses to throws, so try to only use it if the opponent isn't at point blank range. Giovanna is the game's easiest rushdown character to use, even for Guilty Gear . Cannot Roman Cancel unless the opponent is in hitstun or blockstun. The two I found were Chipp against Pot and Pot against Doctor Who. Knocks opponent away on hit, Counter Hit gives a hard knockdown. They have some good and bad matchups, but can be very effective in the right hands. Sol has tricky special moves which help him get in, and a suite of normals which excel at setting up frame traps and strike/throw mix-ups. 21 sec 18-May-2022 From my experience, the Faust v Faust matchup is easily -2 in Faust's favor. Both characters struggle to stop the other when they get going. He wears a white coat with purple lining decorated with silver studs and . Vote for tiers. Battle Version 2.04Rankings shown are current rankings as at the time of video upload.#ggst #strive #guiltygear #g. Universal Sweep. Grapplers vs normal people. The lower the tier, the weaker the character. Guilty Gear Strive is a fighting video game developed and published by Arc System Works.It is the seventh mainline installment of the Guilty Gear series, and the 25th overall. May plays neutral thanks to her amazing buttons that let her bully a lot of character, but Ram simply has better buttons for that. c.S has the most gatling and cancel options of all of Sol's normals, making it very flexible within both blockstrings and combos. So happy to see that program finally get some use, I've been waiting years hoping to see it applied to more games. The move is also key to Sol's pressure, and it can be said that Sol's goal on offense is to get the opponent to block c.S. During a Homing Jump, canceling any normal into the same normal during hitstop will activate a Finish Blow. This move travels very far very quickly, ultimately giving it a niche as a full screen whiff punishing tool. Only occurs if the first hit successfully connected. Important tool for landing Clean Hit Volcanic Viper in the corner. Leads into Bandit Revolver on hit from just about any range aside from the very tip (in which case the second hit can still be used to take a knockdown), which can then be Red Roman Canceled for more damage. Baiken. Note that only the first hit is invincible and there is a gap between the two punches, allowing opponents to reversal through the second. How much R.I.S.C. Sol steps forward and swings his sword. She's really annoying but you can pretty much do things as usual. We'll take our She def needs buffs now. Score - Sum of match-up values for this character. 12k matches is a lot, and 100 matches PER MU is not bad. Pressure has been significantly buffed which gives Testament a much more threatening corner presence that's almost comparable to Ram. Useful for stagger pressure and for mashing out of large gaps in the opponent's pressure. Guilty Gear -Strive-Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2; Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R; Guilty Gear: The Missing Link; . Walk back Far Slash and jumping away can work well. He's too fast, period. He is an aloof and brash bounty hunter of immense skill on a quest to find and eliminate all Gears and their creator, That Man.For a short time, Sol was also a member of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights during the Crusades, known as "Order-Sol".. Sol has an Awakened form, who is an unlockable boss character in Guilty . Sol grips the opponent with his fist, detonating it with flames. Matchup guides, advice, and analysis for Zato-1 in GGST. Roman Cancels can be used to combo after it connects for even more damage. What does the symbols of / and /bet symbolize in a dream? Once Baiken has successfully closed the gap, Axl is prey to her devastating Strike-throw and high-low mixups. As Ram, avoid using f.S and 5H, because Millia can easily stay outside their range and just get in when they whiff. Right away, Baiken has a very large strength in her small size, allowing her to dodge Axl's fastest poking tool, 5P. Only 100 matches per match-up. But some people in support of -STRIVE-welcomed lowered difficulty barrier for newbies (in the series . Can be Roman Canceled on hit for decent damage and better okizeme. On Counter Hit, it can link into either itself, c.S, or Night Raid Vortex. Mirror Match Midrange R.P.S and Basic Mirror Match Counterplay. A very well-timed jump attack on a character who is rising from a knockdown. Wanna see me combo into 5K on Counter Hit? Player Match] Failed to match with opponent *Fix* :: GUILTY GEAR. Damage changes with each set of 8 active frames. Can gatling from 5K, 2K, or c.S for a mix-up. Best Match. Dustloop Wiki is an unofficial wiki dedicated to games developed by Arc System Works. You don't like having to work your way in against characters that outrange you. Its vertical range and fast recovery makes it a low risk anti-air, and in some cases is more useful than 5K, being easier to utilise on Counter Hit for short burst damage conversions into Clean Hit Volcanic Viper. I want to pre-face this by saying that tier-lists don't matter. If confirmed correctly, however, jump canceling the move will yield more damage, especially on Counter Hit. As Ram, you might have to rely on faster normals to avoid his spin, but. Potemkin is arguably the game's best grappler archetype; he hits really hard but is obviously slow against the majority of the cast, thus needs to rely on footsies, defense, and patience to succeed. Ground bounces on hit, hard knockdown upon landing. Jack-O's space control with minions can be difficult to maneuver around, but once Baiken gets in, it's over. Combining both dash momentum and kara cancels allows Sol to slide a huge distance forward but remain safe as the flame pillar travels with him. Has no recovery after the active frames end, allowing Sol to link into follow-up attacks, which is vital for some of his advanced combos. Baiken is a safe jump monster, after a lot of her most basic strings, she can do IAD Tatami to cover any wake up options you might have.
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